BM3300A Weigh Anchor Perm


High specification of PTC heater, the temperature of every roll bar is very precise.
Automatic detection overload or short circuit for roll bar;
Automatic recognition good or bad for roll bar.
Two sets of temperature control: Every set can runseparated temperature adjustment control and time adjustment control.

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Source tracking: Every roll bar is laser engraved date of manufacture.
8 sets of fuse for protection overload and short circuit.
Free lift, hook fold quickly , solve the load.
Oversized drawer storage box.
Heater is coated polar sheet of special material, it can prevent short circuit burning due to potion penetration.
Korean roll bar uses top material of waterproof and explosion-proof from DuPont, the heating area is average for whole roll bar, heat up and warm up is rapid.

Voltage: 110v
Frequency: 60Hz
Power: 350w

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