H118 Negative Ion Dual-Purpose Hair Straightener


*Material of thermal conductor: ceramics
*Heating stuff: MCH
Rapid heating
Temperature: 120°C~230°C
Temperature control: 23 stages

Size of thermal conductor:

More Content:

Suitable for hair dry and wet
Suitable for straight and curvy hair
Negative ion hair
Twist the tail
Ceramic glaze coating panel

Negative ion technology:
soothes frizz and closed cuticles
bring the hair smooth and shinny
improve the hair quality and newborn
easy to be styling

Ceramic glaze figure panel:
selected materials and modeling in constant temperature
The smooth surface reduces friction and fast modeling

Different style, different occasion:
multiple size for your choice and for you to hold any occasion for meeting beauty request
small panel: size 90mmx10mm(S), suitable for corn hot; mini rolls; bangs shaping
middle panel: size 90mmx24mm(M), suitable for small rolls; inside rolls; wave rolls
large panel: size 90mmx38mm(L), suitable for large rolls; straight hair

Voltage: 110v
Frequency: 60Hz
Power: 49w